DDLS - Seed testing and certification

DDLS Seed Testing and Certification (formally AGWEST Plant Laboratories) is a service area under the DAFWA Diagnostic Laboratory Services (DDLS) - an amalgamation of DAFWA plant and animal laboratory and inspection services.

DDLS provides effective and efficient laboratory capacity, inspection, policy input, research and testing for early diagnosis of notifiable diseases and verification for market access importation protocols for the state's agricultural industries.


  • Industrial hemp?(Cannabis sativa) has been grown in WA for many years and is gaining interest?due to recent changes in food standards allowing human consumption of hemp seed in Australia.

  • A snapshot of some of the latest news and seasonal advice from the department for Western Australian farm businesses in the grains sector.

  • Western Australia has in place conditions for the importation of seeds to avoid the introduction of pest and diseases into the State.?This page summarises seed import requirements and conditions an

  • Post-entry plant quarantine (PEPQ) services facilitate safe introduction of new germplasm from interstate and overseas.

  • The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development acts as the Registrar for the Industrial Hemp Act 2004 in Western Australia.

  • Seed dressing and in-furrow fungicides contain active ingredients for the control or suppression of seed-borne diseases, some fungal foliar diseases?and some fungal root rots in cereal crops.

  • DDLS Seed Testing and Certification offers a wide range of tests to assess the quality of your seed.

  • Loose smut control is necessary to preserve grain yield as affected plants do not produce grain.

  • Almost all of WA citrus fruit?is sold in the local market.?Fruit has been sent to export markets since 2015 and is increasing.

  • Pea seed-borne mosaic virus (PSbMV) is a seed-borne and aphid-borne virus that causes yield losses and seed quality defects in field pea crops.


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